Living since 16 years in Morocco, I explored this land in all its dimensions. I enlightened myself with the power of the desert and of a few nooks of the Atlas. An exciting human journey of which I measure the infinite wealth. Such was the origin of the Agafay desert oasis project: to render to the ground the strength it communicates to me and create, or rather co-create an oasis of peace and spirituality. What a gigantic project to consider greening the desert, surveying nearly 5 hectares of lunar land to cultivate, sow, plant, water and finally create harmony and life. 

Born just 3 years ago, the project was at first simply tourism oriented. I now must design differently the welcome and the life of the place by restoring its position and its role in a healthy and balanced environment. This requires us to work permaculture as already initiated, to create desert cabaret-theater for its cultural dimension, and establish holistic activities leading to the healing of body and mind, through therapeutic or mindfulness courses. It is in this quadruple dimension that the camp finds its essence and meaning. You will be welcome to pay a simple visit or to organize a meeting. The project does not belong to us. It is a place of co-creation and sharing on this Moroccan ground for the entire human and natural species. This project, I wanted it. It is dear and close to my heart. Overall, with the whole team that maintain it alive, I strongly intend to share it with you. Become an actor and co-creator of a utopia: a calm and soothing world where man and nature come together for the better, a world where creating becomes a daily pleasure. 

The camp "Terre des Etoiles" welcomes you in the Agafay desert, a wild and hilly land with limitless prospects. Five hectares surrounded by hills and proudly facing the majestic Atlas. The 10 tents of the bivouac are double or twin. Each has its own bathroom and toilets with Tadelakt, a very comfortable bed and is 30m² large, decorated in a color different from one another. All offer the real comfort of a hotel.

Pierre Yves MARAIS
© 2016 - terre des étoiles
Crédit photos Boby et Fafou BRO