The garden harvest


It's hot in the desert Agafay , but the garden never ceases to produce.

On the orchard’s side,  fruit trees , still young, have given us their first fruits!

Apricots, peaches, and pomegranates are now bigger ... Next year the trees will grow stronger and hopefully have a real production to offer our customers .

 On the garden’side, several kind of melons, watermelons are maturing. And the vegetables are looking good, too! 

We daily collect tomatoes, in all shapes, colours & sizes but all delicious.

We also get potatoes and slaouis (a long zuchini, from Morocco & specially the town of Safi), zucchini and pumpkins of different varieties , chilies and peppers, and many other things ...

So come along & have a taste of our vegetable tagine or fruit salad!

July 2015

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