Events in February


This month we offer three events, at Terre des Etoiles: the 7/2, Wellness Day, 13 and 14/2, a weekend family and 21/2, day and Garden Music.

You know now, the principle of Better days-Being, which we renew each month since November.

Several stakeholders are present and regular practice of energy healing, yoga with Olivia Marchand Rey, with Nathalie Kehayoff massages, acupuncture with Jean-Jacques Bobineau, reflexology with Gérard Pavy, Odile Saez for Pilates, Bettina for energy care.

Two new caregivers will join us in February: Alexandra for hypnosis and relaxation therapy with Pantalacci Sabrine ...

Mini conferences are offered every month, to discover one activity around wellness. This month, Odile Saez present Pilates.

We wish to establish, for the more courageous, a hike in the morning, on foot or mountain bike to 9.30

Rates: 200dh for breakfast, 350dh for Formula  lunch+care, 200dh

Family Weekend:

On two days, we want to propose activities for the whole family.

The program: ride camels or donkeys, animations in the garden, with animals or on the camp, board games, small rides in the Agafay's desert around the camp and astronomy evening. The activities vary from month to month, we will be able to involve stakeholders fauna and flora discoveries ...

Day Music & Garden: 

We reiterate this month the day setting up in January.

The morning is devoted to participatory spots in the vegetable garden and the orchard of the ecolodge, for its development for the discovery of organic farming techniques and permaculture. After this morning's cooperative work, couscous of the oasis garden is shared. The afternoon takes place next relaxing with the discovery of musicians and the establishment of an open stage for young talent.

 Lunch prices 200dh, (only at lunch 50dh participation fee for people with gardening) and 100dh donation to the artists.

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